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About us

AlphaCredit® is a non-banking financial institution, which stands out as one of the most important in the country within its line of action. Its headquarters are located in Mexico City.

AlphaCredit® has two main business lines:

  1. Consumer credit in Mexico and Colombia.
  2. Financing solutions for SMEs.

The principles that govern us are:

  • Equal opportunity: Respect, equity, diversity and the importance of the common good are practices we promote among our collaborators.
  • Results orientation: Focused on meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers, we excel in results.
  • Meritocracy: We rely on responsible autonomy (accountability).

The values enabling us to achieve our strategic objectives are:

  • Integrity: Honesty towards our clients, shareholders and colleagues allows us to always do what is right.
  • Teamwork: The solution to each challenge is always accompanied by a positive and constructive attitude in the mindsets of teams and colleagues.
  • Respect: Treatment to others and the institution reflects the way we want to be treated.
  • Innovation: The incorporation of new ideas or tools to improve the processes and results of the institution, as well as self-development and adaptability of each of our work teams.
  • Responsibility: In all our teams, actions and results.

Respect for others steers all internal communication and interpersonal relationships, recognizing each individual´s dignity. Along with commitment to quality and a profound spirit to serve customers and suppliers, respect is the philosophy of all employees.


Geographical presence

AlphaCredit® is present throughout the Mexican territory with its business lines of consumer credit and loans to SMEs. Currently, we have more than 100 branches and more than 2,500 sales force agents in our consumer credit business, which makes us an important player in our field.

The knowledge and experience developed in Mexico and our strong local management team have allowed us to expand into the Colombian market, experiencing rapid growth, with more than 10 branches and mora than 640 sales force agents.



A great start with great expectations for the future…

AlphaCredit® begins operations by granting payroll loans to federal and state government employees in Mexico.




AlphaCredit®, towards a sound and accelerated growth…

It expands its business into the Colombian market, granting its first payroll loan at the beginning of 2016. The Colombian operations were supported by the solid experience and knowledge developed in Mexico, together with its strong local management team.

Issuance of the first stock certificate and vertical integration…
The CNBV authorizes AlphaCredit® to issue debt on the Mexican Stock Exchange, with a first issue of stock certificates. With this securitization, the ‘mxAAA’ rating is obtained from S & P and HR Ratings, attaining the highest rating for structured products in Mexico.

Acquisition of TotalCredit
AlphaCredit® acquires its main credit originator via payroll deduction with more than 15 years of experience in the payroll deduction market, TotalCredit, has one of the best origination platforms in the industry. Owing to this acquisition, AlphaCredit® has direct access to the borrowers.


Start of our consolidation and positioning in the market as one of the most important players in the credit industry via payroll deduction in Mexico and Colombia…

We expanded our client base thanks to the launch of a new Payroll Deduction Loan product for retirees and pensioners in Mexico.
AlphaCredit® makes several acquisitions, which allows it to consolidate its presence in the consumer credit market in Mexico and Colombia.

In Mexico, it acquires Prestaciones Finmart, (“Grupo Finmart”), one of the most relevant players in the market, accomplishing significant synergies and turning us into a great competitor in that market.

AlphaLeasing & AlphaFactoring, was established as part of the group’s new business development and diversification strategy, as a financing alternative for SMEs in Mexico, through Factoring and Leasing products.


In Colombia, AlphaCredit® acquires the assets and personnel of Alianzas Efectivas. This acquisition was made as part of our vertical integration strategy in Mexico and Colombia. In April 2017, we launched our own underwriting brand “Vive”.





Business units

We have 2 business units: Consumer Credit and SMEs Financing, each with its own specialized solutions.
For us, the client is what matters the most, consequently, we care about analyzing the individual needs to better provide customized solutions, designing unique and flexible strategies for each project, thanks to our great funding capacity.


Our payroll deduction credit to federal and state government employees, both in Mexico and Colombia, enables us to offer financial support for any type of need. We have two consumer credit products:

Through the elaboration of an agreement between the government agency and AlphaCredit®, we offer credits to its employees via payroll deduction.

  1. Formulation of the agreement between the government agency and AlphaCredit®.
  2. AlphaCredit® releases approved credits directly to employees who meet the strict criteria.
  3. The government agency deducts the redemption of capital and interest directly from the employee’s payroll.

The government agency transfers the capital and interest deductions to AlphaCredit® through a bank account managed by a master trust.

Venturing into a high potential market in Mexico, AlphaCredit® presents a financial solution for loans to government retirees and pensioners (ISSSTE or IMSS), public and private social security systems, with direct monthly deductions from the applicant’s bank account, to uphold their plans for the future.

  1. AlphaCredit® delivers approved credits directly to retirees and pensioners.
  2. AlphaCredit® deducts monthly interest from the pensioner’s bank account directly.

Our trademarks in the market:
TotalCreditCrediamigo, AdexVive  (Colombia).


Our goal is to support the development of small and medium enterprises in Mexico, by offering specialized factoring and leasing services, thus financing their working capital needs in the short, medium and long term for their business operation.

A financial service that supports the productive cycle of enterprises and working capital, offering greater liquidity by making a discount on their invoices. Companies take advantage of this cash flow to cover operating expenses, inventories, development, products or services, or a new business opportunity

A financial service to acquire fixed assets for your company, saving you from investing in capital assets that depreciate, helping to improve the capital structure and optimizing the tax burden.

Our trademarks in the market:
Alcanza Capital

Flexible funding

Solid resources

Reliable processes


Acquisition of Total Credit

March 2015

AlphaCredit® acquired 51% of its main credit originator via payroll deduction: Total Credit (“TC”), a Mexican broker with more than 15 years’ experience in the sector and with one of the best origination platforms in the industry.

See the news release (spanish)

The CNBV authorized AlphaCredit to issue debt on the Mexican Stock Exchange

October 2015

AlphaCredit® issued its first stock certificates and was granted the ‘mxAAA’ rating by S & P and HR Ratings, the highest rating for structured products in Mexico.

See the news release (spanish)See BMV link

Acquisition of Finmart Group

July 2016

AlphaCredit® acquired Prestaciones Finmart, S.A.P.I. de C.V. (“Grupo Finmart”), one of its main competitors.
With this acquisition, AlphaCredit® consolidated as the third most important player in the Payroll Deduction Credit industry in Mexico.

See the news release (spanish)See BMV link

International Bond

December 2017

AlphaCredit® made its debut in the global capital markets in December, 2017 through the issuance of a US$300 million international bond.

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